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  • Yvonne McDermott Rees

Research Visit to University of Lausanne

On the 5th to 9th of June, TRUE Project principal investigator Professor Yvonne McDermott Rees and postdoctoral research associate Dr Alice Liefgreen visited University of Lausanne - Faculty of Law, Criminal Justice and Public Administration.

Yvonne and Alice held a seminar and panel on "Surviving and Thriving in Interdisciplinary Research" on the 6th of June and a conference on "Analysing the Impact of Deepfakes and Synthetic Media on Accountability Processes for Mass Human Rights Violations" on the 8th of June. (More information about the events can be found at the UNIL webpage - link with English translation).

During the seminar and conference, Yvonne and Alice explored diverse perspectives and concepts from various disciplines with the doctoral students, and also discussed careers in law, criminal sciences, and public administration. It was

also a great opportunity to receive valuable inputs on the TRUE project.

We would like to thank the faculty members who moderated the engaging public talk on our project, the students who attended the workshop, and all those who helped make this a fruitful and fun visit!



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