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Evaluating digital open source imagery: A guide for judges and fact-finders

This guide is intended to assist judges and other decision makers in their assessment of open source information, by explaining some of the most common open source investigative techniques.

Digital open source information – that is, information that is publicly accessible on the internet – is increasingly used as evidence before domestic and international courts, human rights bodies, and fact-finding bodies, where it has proven valuable in a variety of contexts.

This guide is organized around a number of key issues that a court or fact-finding body may need to address in their evaluation of open source information, including determining the authenticity of the digital image, and analyzing relevant metadata, source, location, and time information.

Guide for judges and fact-finders - English

Guide for judges and fact-finders - French
Guide pour les juges et les enquêteurs

Guide for judges and fact-finders - Spanish
Guía para jueces, juezas y personas responsables de la determinación de los hechos

Guide for judges and fact-finders - Arabic

تقييم المواد المصوّرة
الرقمية مفتوحة المصدر:
دليل للقضاة وجهات تقصي الحقائق

Guide for judges and fact-finders - Ukrainian
Оцінка цифрових знімків з відкритих джерел:
Посібник для суддів і дослідників фактів

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