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  • Yvonne McDermott Rees

Interviewing Judges at the International Criminal Court (ICC)

Last week TRUE researchers spent the week in The Hague interviewing ICC Judges. This marks the beginning of TRUE's first qualitative study aiming to shed light on the role of user-generated evidence in accountability processes of human rights violations and obtain first-hand knowledge - by interviewing sitting and retired ICC Judges - of the unique challenges international courts face when dealing with this type of evidence (e.g., in evaluating its reliability, authenticity and probative value). Outcomes of this study will inform the development of possible interventions designed to aid the evaluation of UGE in pre-trial and trial stages – ranging from a re-interpretation of existing rules to the adoption of new practices and technologies to the introduction of specialized training that can support judges when adjudicating crimes that will involve a significant amount of UGE.

Interviews will continue to be held in the following months - follow us to stay updated on the findings!



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