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  • Yvonne McDermott Rees

TRUE project team present at Deepfakes and the Law and PGR conferences

On 20 May 2024, TRUE principal investigator Yvonne McDermott Rees and TRUE PhD student Anne Hausknecht attended the “Deepfakes and the Law” conference at the City University of London’s City Law School. The conference, supported by the Society of Legal Scholars, was organized by the City Law School and the University of Leeds and convened academics across several disciplines.   

The talks and discussions spanned a variety of themes and disciplines, with contributions on the (potential) implications of deepfakes on privacy rights, broader societal implications of deepfakes, and on disinformation and truth. Yvonne held a keynote speech on the TRUE project, outlining the three work packages and presenting some early research findings.  

On the same day, TRUE PhD student Ruben Lamers James participated at the Swansea University’s Faculty of Medicine, Health and Life Sciences PGR conference, displaying a poster detailing his first experiment, which investigates the impact of feedback interventions in improving deepfake detection and confidence calibration.  

The event lasted two days and involved several talks from PhD students in the department of Medicine, Psychology and the school of Health and Social Care. Topics ranged from using art to visualise environments for flow, to bacterial targeting of cancer cell metabolism. The event also included talks from guest speakers such as BBC presenter and former expedition leader Will Millard, registered nurse Simon Cassidy and Dr Roberto Angelini, who is a lecturer in Biomedical Sciences at Swansea University. 



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